Iris Samra

Founder and director of the Orshina Culture Space TLV,  performance artist specializing in Butoh, modern Japanese theatre dance, which is based in Buddhist Zen philosophy, art director, curator, business woman, and entrepreneur.

Iris is a graduate of the Hebrew university in sociology, anthropology and international relations. She studied Plastic arts at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, and Butoh dance in Paris and Japan. She had showings in many exhibitions and has performed on stages across Israel and the world.

Her journeys in the world, amongst cultures, creations, exhibits, workshops, performances and culinary wonders have given her many varied tools for energetic renewal and have contributed to the multiculturalism and vibrancy of her awe inspiring winning personality.

Her dialogue with “Orshina” began ten years ago with the creation of an eponymous multidisciplinary performance piece, describing the journey of a woman, an endless journey of transformation by processes of disintegration and rebirth. Iris has been an art lecturer and a master teacher of Butoh dance for nearly 20 years. All this in addition to her profound experience as a creator, performer, and art director, she incorporates into the way she operates Orshina.

Orshina is the realization of a dream, the creation of a place incorporating culture, business  and culinary heritage which are Iris  worlds, a space where business interacts with culture and art, a place of life affirming experiences. Iris is as a midwife to states of consciousness who believes in the power and significance of transformative processes and daily renewal, an outlook that allows her to transform Orshina into a magical wondrous space for special inspiring and energy renewing experiences.

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