Here at Orshina we believe there are basic rules for creating an extraordinary experience that evokes energy,
and those are as follows:

  • Full sensory immersion
  • Connection to childhood and nostalgic memory
  • Connection between people
  • Inspiring aesthetics Creating an unexpected experience, Defying expectations

As opposed to other event venues, we here at Orshina boutique space awake every day to a new day and focus our energies on creating extraordinary experiences. None of our events are alike; just as our event space, where we create and host, is dynamic, and changes to accommodate our guests.

How do we do it?

Through the informed handpicking of inspiring, extraordinary people, who create with us experiences that incorporate the elements listed above. Our goal is to awaken the senses, to meet and stimulate the special “super person” inside; this we do through art, Avant-garde, Culture, Gastronomy, Design and emotion.

Introducing the special experiences of Orshina Tel-Aviv:

Nordic Feast

Multi-sensory experience guided by Iris Samra and Chef Shay Zanti which invokes memories of childhood and early sensations. An emotional culinary journey incorporating music, texture of foods, special and extraordinary dishes, guidance that creates an internal movement for flavors, smells and sounds, and a shared experience that emits sparks.

Japanese meeting

An experience where we enter a space full of sound, in a Japanese environment. We wear a kimono, preform a Japanese tea ceremony, eat sushi, drink sake, discuss wabi-sabi; talk about integrating ceremony into daily life, examine Ikigai - the Japanese philosophy of the purpose of life and the origin of joy. We contemplate our own happiness, and the tools we can take with us, to our daily lives and work environment. We will conclude this experience with inspiring Japanese desserts.

What is your story?

A personal encounter with a news reporter, presenter and announcer, Gal Gabai, who will tell her personal story, teach us the principles of storytelling, how to tell our story in a fascinating, inspiring manner, and about the power of storytelling as a tool of the Nnew Age.

Team-building through variety and diversity

A wondrous and colorful tour through the Old Central Station area, Tel-Aviv’s China town. An exciting, multicultural experience through music, food and visits to local eateries. Guided by David Cohen: group instructor, organizational consultant and storyteller.

Living in a Movie

Collaborative creation of a narrative short film; an opportunity to become screenwriters, directors, actors and camera operators of a film about your story, the story of the company where you work, or any journey of your choosing. The process of creating the film leads to the discovery and distillation of insights, the defining of identity, and focuses the goals of each individual and of the organization or product as a whole. The experience is guided by Lior Har-Lev: an esteemed film and commercial director, an artist who guides the creative process with mindfulness tools.

DJ workshop

A musical experience of creating music together. During the workshop we will actualize and empower workers as creators, as DJ’s, art directors and producers operating as a team. The workshop is guided by Alik Korpho: Social entrepreneur, founder and leader of the program “Dj and Smart Music in the community".

Creating and eating Japan

An experiential workshop on sushi making with Chef Boaz Tsairi, a restaurateur who has explored the culture of Japanese cuisine. The workshop is interwoven with spicy tales of Japanese culture, first hand insight and Japanese culinary heritage.

Japanese motion experience

Exploration of the Japanese Butoh dance which has its roots in Buddhist Zen philosophy. Throughout the event, participants will have an opportunity to acquire mindfulness tools through motion, through the performance of tandem and group exercises of presence in the moment. A luxuriant experience, under the guidance of the artist and director of Orshina, Iris Samra.

Experiential wine workshop

Recognizing and interpreting wine flavors and scents, blind tastings of special and surprising wines from across the country and world. We will learn how to prepare wine without grapes, about the link between wine and the environment, and how music and glass shape affect flavor. Lead by Roni Saslove: winemaker, vintner, writer and wine critic, contest judge and lecturer in the country and abroad.

Meeting the Kokedama

A workshop on crafting Japanese moss balls: creating a living, breathing ball called Kokedama, this workshop is a journey back to our earthy roots. The kokedama is a planet of life born within the Japanese culture, containing the principles of Wabi-Sabi: an aesthetic that sanctifies the beauty of the incomplete or imperfect, and places on a pedestal that which is chipped, broken, wrinkled and naked. In the workshop we will express ourselves through the earth, hold it, form it into balls and learn to plant in them live plants, working with the moss using a technique of strand wrapping. Each participant will craft 2 Kokedama balls of their own. Working with your hands in a group atmosphere provides an opportunity for release, to arrive as we are, and together experience the magic of the Kokedama heart.

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