We believe cuisine is an inseparable part of creating an artful experience for our guests. The dishes served at Orshina are accredited with outstanding beauty and aesthetics as with varied flavors and unique color pallet.

For this goal we have chosen exclusive catering companies who use the choicest, freshest and highest quality ingredients. Each of our catering companies offers a variety of menus at various price points and is kosher certified.

Our kitchen at Orshina boutique space is fully equipped with the latest and best, making it possible to hold culinary events in the kitchen accompanied by leading chefs for chef dinners, conventions, events and memorable experiences.

Dairy catering-“Bussa  “metuka  (Kosher)

Meat catering –“Pillpel  (Kosher)

Japanese cuisine – Okinawa Restaurant (Lvontin)

Our culinary world is created meticulously and attention is paid to details great and small, we use only high quality fresh ingredients, our dishes are creative and the flavors will surprise you, the dishes are served with exceptional attention to aesthetics, all these factors come together to create an inspiring artful and sensational culinary experience.

We invite you to visit our Orshina center for business, culture and art. Were Music, design, light, concerts, art, cuisine, Japanese culture, spirit and Buddhism will merge to become one unforgettable experience.

Orshina, the place for rejuvenating experiences, like a phoenix

נשמע טוב נכון, (וזה גם טעים בטירוף) אז תתקשר/י ובוא/י נדבר :)

Oh There You Are!

Come On In

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