Orshina means “phoenix” in Aramaic, the heavenly creature symbolizing transformation represents to us a practical actualization of the avant-garde life and art philosophy on which the Orshina space is founded.A place for experiencing renewal, like a Phoenix.

Orshina is an avant-garde cultural boutique space located at the heart of the Tel-Aviv business center. The space was founded to create reciprocity among businesses, culture and multidisciplinary avant-garde art. Our hosting location is suitable for a wide variety of boutique events , from conferences and team meetings to company events, culture events, music and more

Orshina  Tel-Aviv is designed in the Wabi-Sabi style, a Japanese philosophy that speaks of the “beauty and wisdom in the imperfect” as it is in nature. We believe that our surroundings affect us, and using the unique dynamic elements in Orshina’s design we awaken in each of our guests inspiration, creativity and innovation.

The artist Iris Samra, founder of Orshina

The space was founded and is managed by the artist Iris Samra, who specializes in modern Japanese theater dance based in Buddhist Zen. Iris inspiring and distinct presence in the Orshina is an integral part of the atmosphere, and when present it is hard to miss the influence of the artist personal life philosophy on the activity in the space, as art come to life.

Iris has extensive experience as an artist and artistic director. This experience allows her to create sense awakening and inspiring scenarios to be incorporated as part of an event or attractions offered by the space to companies, private clients, etc.

At Orshina Iris  hosts and includes other artists and creators from varied fields to weave together wondrous experiences of joy and renewal.

Come visit, together we will create a new experience

We here at Orshina Tel-Aviv’s avant-garde cultural space, believe life is a collection of our experiences and our experiences awaken life, this concept guides us every day in concept development and management of the space as a place for creating experiences. If we enrich our life experience we can create a daily balance of positive energy.

We invite you to visit our Orshina boutique space for business, culture and art. Music, design, light, concerts, art, cuisine, Japanese culture, spirit, man and Buddhism will merge to become one unforgettable experience.

Orshina the unique cultural center is located in Tel-Aviv, near the business center and close to the main roads. Convenient parking provided.

Orshina, the place for rejuvenating experiences, like a phoenix


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